My days in Xaverian were one of the best  days in my life,as in What is more interesting and exciting as the state of being a child. Striving to find out what everything in the surrounding mean. Yes,those days, mine happened when i was in Xaverian. Xaverian is located in a city in Kenya with spectacular view,Kisumu.



A typical day in Xaverian,back in standard 6 would mean arriving at school before sunrise,usually around 6:30 in the morning. What followed was to struggle to finish the previous day assignment because the football match ended at eight at night. In that class all we ever did was write notes,lots of them.

Break time bell rings and the atmosphere changes,the eerie silence that surrounds the school is replaced by dragging of chairs and loud talks,after all, whats more interesting to a child than playtime in between learning hours? Wait a minute,my attention shifts to Natalie,she is walking out of the classroom,probably headed for the canteen,her walk is properly engineered maintaining the same posture and style at the same pace. It seems this is the girl that was around when the boy girl relationship knocked at my doorstep. Too afraid was i to start a conversation with Natalie at that age. It required a well laid out plan of what you’d say in case her answer was this,compare that to a plan to escape from Sobibor

“Bang!” A ball hits my head bringing me back to the real world, away from my fantasies “Tuishie pitch.” Silas calls out. I loved playing football. Silas was my friend but he was always on the opposite side,so we fought a lot.

The bell ring and we all rush back to class,boys panting,sweating and smelling odour while the girls were always neat and relaxed, white pair of Sox up to their knees.

These are some of the bad times to have group discussions because any chance we got to be near girls,boys wanted to be perfect. Duncan’s perfume did that,for most of the time,it refreshed us. After people are settled in groups,i look around pretending like I’m looking for someone,but hey! You can gaze who my eyes are searching for.


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