I finish my final preparations of preparing for school in this early morning in the month of November, dressed in my casual jeans and brown woolen shirt,I step out ready to face the day, go to school. No sooner do I reach the ground floor than it dawns on me that it’s too cold outside, I have to go back for my jumper inside.

It’s too cold outside that I can feel droplets of moisture in the atmosphere accompanied by slight wind. Most people are of course dressed in warm clothes to keep warm. At around ten o’clock in the morning, my Botany class is over and I stepped out of the classroom and here is the sun’s rays gracefully reaching the earth’s troposphere.

The nice feeling the sun’s rays has on my exposed face makes me take off my jumper so that I can feel it on my hands too. This does not last for long because the clouds are re positioning in the sky blocking the suns rays once more.

Let me take you back to the warm season what I’d be doing by this time, probably sipping an ice-cold sprite drink,cursing the weather and thinking about going for an afternoon swim. All that, to try to remain cool during the harsh sunny day.


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