Recently I took a picture of my bookshelf and uploaded it on social media, next to the novels was a 250 ml Napoleon whiskey bottle half filled, in between the novels was also a bible. People started reacting about the picture,most people were giving comments about the whiskey, others asking why I started drinking alcohol which I don’t, very few people talked of the positive side the picture depicted.

Most of the time, it is always the case for bad to out shadow the good in one’s life according to other people. It is upon us not to let the negative things affect our motives or attitudes. In most cases when I have done a good work be it in any area of my life,whether people notice or not, I am usually the first person to congratulate and reward myself. Rewarding myself ranges from complimenting myself with words like ”You are good bro.” to giving myself a retreat like going to a restaurant and eating that food I don’t always get to eat.

One good turn deserves another, after rewarding yourself, why not do another great work because you are sure the person who is to notice your excellent performance wont fail to reward you?

Next time you do good at something, start by congratulating and rewarding yourself. This will help you build a positive internal environment for working hard in life.



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