Kilifi County is located along the coastal stretch in Kenya. It is a perfect holiday destination and place you will never regret visiting. Below are some of the beautiful places in picture form.

Above, electricity lines transverse the sisal plantations at The Rea Vipingo ridges. Found in it are posh individual homes and holiday homes too. The ridges would have been incomplete without a golf course. A lone baobab tree giants the sisal plants.  

This fringing reef is located at Bofa beach, casting the shadows are huge caves up above. Perfect timing of the sun and correct positioning of the camera makes the reef look like yawning mother lion at the Maasai Mara game Reserve. 

This coconut tree stump has been deposited at the shore line. The white sandy beaches along Bofa beach is spectacular. What makes these Sands white?  The white sandy beaches occur as a result of coral reef meeting certain environmental conditions. First, water at the coast must be clear to allow penetration of sunlight waves upto 50 metres down, food in form of plankton must be sufficient for the reef to feed and favourable temperatures of around 27° Fahrenheit must be reached. Coral reef are usually found on the Eastern coast of continents where these conditions are met. This makes most Kenyan coastal beaches have white sand due to wave action and erosion of these type of coral rocks. 

It’s play time for these little children! Local children play with sand balls. 

Blow holes forming through the rock caves through wave action of the ocean water. These form a perfect hideout and home to some marine creatures.  

I hope you enjoyed reading this piece, too much to showcase here till next time. 


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